A Message on Diversity from CEO Bryan Carruthers

CEO statement on Diversity

A message from Bryan Carruthers, CEO: “At Anser, we embrace diversity and seek to lead through conscious inclusion. We stand with our black colleagues, industry partners and members of our communities and we denounce racism in any form. We also stand ready to help our communities that have been impacted by the vandalism, rioting and violence which has distracted from the peaceful demonstrations and protests.

We know from our role in leading transformational projects and programs that through compassion, collaboration, and dedication, tremendous change is possible. We know that with compassionate, collaborative, and dedicated leadership, communities that were once divided can come together in harmony to build transformative projects. We will remain dedicated to conscious inclusion, diversity, compassion and collaboration as we build Anser and as Anser leads transformational projects and programs in communities across the country.” #inclusion #diversity #equality